• Accenture Platform To Help Laid-off People Find Jobs

    (RTTNews) - Professional services company Accenture plc has developed and launched a global cross-industry platform to bring together companies laying off or furloughing people with those companies in need of workers.

    The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the globe has seen unemployment reaching record highs. While most of the companies are laying off or furloughing people, there are quite a big number of companies that are looking for urgent hiring to strengthen their teams.

    The People + Work Connect platform is to enable these hiring companies to make their pick from the large database of talented and available workforce. The employer-to-employer initiative was formed by a group of leading companies across multiple industries. There is no cost for employers to join and participate.

    The platform also helps shorten the complex, often lengthy cycle of unemployment for people. The analytics-driven platform pools non-confidential and aggregated workforce information by categories such as location and experience.