• Arrow works on ventilators project, looks to boost virus testing

    One of Centennial's largest employers is lending its forward-thinking tech expertise to a collaboration of businesses that aims to build thousands of ventilators — machines that help hospital patients breathe — in the United Kingdom. Arrow Electronics also is pushing to increase ventilator production and COVID-19 testing capacity in the United States.

    “Through one of our partnerships, our teams are working overtime to support a government-private consortium to convert advanced automotive production plants to manufacture (thousands) of ventilators as quickly as possible,” said John Hourigan, spokesman for Arrow.

    Arrow, an engineering and technology company headquartered at 9201 E. Dry Creek Road in Centennial, is using its global reach to assist a group of businesses that calls itself VentilatorChallengeUK. The group came together to support the National Health Service — the U.K.'s public health care system — in fighting COVID-19, the disease caused by a widespread coronavirus.