• Centura Health Provides Protective Barriers for First Responders

    Centura Health is excited to provide plastic ponchos to our first responder partners as protective barriers in the event of personal protective equipment (PPE) supply shortfalls. Emergency medical services (EMS), fire fighters, and law enforcement officers play a vital role in our communities while also facing a unique set of risks while helping those in our community who may or may not know that they are carrying the COVID-19 virus.

    “Global supply chain challenges have made obtaining personal protective equipment difficult during this pandemic,” stated Dr. Shauna Gulley, Chief Clinical Officer for Centura Health. “Paramedics, EMTs and law enforcement professionals play a critical role in our well-being. Centura is blessed to be able to supply additional barrier gowns to first responders to protect them, their loved ones and the community.”

    After acquiring more than 2,100 plastic ponchos within the first few days of the pandemic, Centura Health determined that they would not be able to use the protective barriers for the types of invasive or surgical procedures performed and offered the supply to partnering police, fire and EMS agencies across Colorado.