• Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!

    As 2014 comes to an end, we could not be more excited for the future of technology in Colorado! Last year, we committed to “fueling Colorado’s economy through technology” and are excited to see technology and IT – leading the growth across many industries in the state.

    Looking into 2015, the time to collaborate and broaden the engagement of technology could not be more important. 

    The legislative environment has more complex technology issues approaching and will need the help of industry to solve them.  Colorado is further becoming “the technology hub between the coasts” and interest in joining the movement in the state is rising.  Talent and workforce continues to be competitive and together we need to find ways to open the aperture to broaden the scope of those who can work in the industry.  And celebrating Colorado, our technology industry, and the successes across the community has never been more important.

    Colorado is leading the U.S. in many categories – and broadening the engagement of technology will help us all further accelerate. 

    So what can you do to help as you look into to 2015?

    As our board member JB Holston has quoted, “Do more.”

    Take an extra meeting to help out a colleague or mentor an aspiring technologist.  Help lead the dialogues across Colorado to deepen engagement around STEM education in our schools.  Attend an event in your area of specialty to deepen the relationships in the community.  Give us feedback on the programs and activities you think will help our community.

    All of us together, doing a little bit more, will amplify the voice of innovation and technology in Colorado.  Doing a little bit more, will help our elected officials navigate the issues ahead.  Doing a little bit more will help build bridges across our cities that will define the Colorado technology community of the future.

    Thank you for all that you do to make this the best place to build technology companies in the world.  We celebrate you, an awesome 2014, and working with you in 2015 to do a bit more, and further accelerate our growth.