• Colorado Rising

    Over the last year, the Colorado technology community has gotten a lot of attention, marked by leading global technology companies buying, partnering and investing deeply in our ecosystem. Just last week, CA Technologies acquired Rally Software in Boulder, marking a great new chapter in this homegrown software leader’s history.

    More than 50 percent of the top ten tech companies in the United States were active in Colorado in the last year, which highlights the great companies we are growing and developing.

    Here’s a summary of the leading activity lately:

    • Oracle acquired DataLogix
    • IBM acquired AlchemyAPI
    • Google (Nest) acquired Revolv 
    • Amazon acquired 2lemetry
    • Twitter acquired GNIP 
    • CA Technologies acquired Rally Software
    • Salesforce invested in Kapost 
    • Zayo Group opened its IPO
    • Viawest was acquired by Shaw Communications 
    • TW Telecom was acquired by Level 3 Communications

    With these companies deeply involved in our community, we are that much closer to becoming the No. 1 tech hub between the coasts. But we are not there yet. Community and talent build great companies. We have some of the best tech talent in the West—but we need more, faster. Avago Technologies is in the process of buying Broadcom Corporation, with both companies boasting large workforces in Colorado.

    How can we support partnerships like this and make sure they stay and grow? Invest in talent and community.

    What can you do to invest in talent?

    Talent fuels innovation and growth. The markets that have the best resources and highest-skilled workers will produce more companies like the ones listed above. How can you help? Get involved in the Colorado Technology Foundation programs, mentor the next generation, encourage your company to engage in programs that expose students to STEM careers, support diversity in your hiring process and rally your elected officials to invest more in workforce development. Plug into our Foundation by reaching out to our director, Alexandra West.

    The collective energy from all of us who care will help develop Colorado’s tech leaders of tomorrow. Start small and get more involved. It takes a strong community to succeed.

    What can you do to amplify community?

    Colorado is a special place to build great tech businesses. We have a great lifestyle and surroundings alongside an innovate community. How did we get here? Your involvement. Community includes you, and for us to have more breakout companies in our state, we need a collaborative and supportive community to drive them to success. Attend an event, promote our wins, share the Colorado tech story when you travel and engage with those who just joined our community. CTA is a great platform to get started making an impact.

    Together we can expand this list through the development of talent and community in Colorado. Together we all can win. Let’s celebrate these great milestones, but let’s not take our foot off the gas. Let’s rally around these wins and help the others in our midst succeed. Congratulations to Colorado tech!