• Attracting High School Students to Careers in Tech

    CTA's Foundation is deep into its third school year partnering with Denver Public Schools to get businesses and their employees plugged into the various CareerConnect opportunities that directly support the 832 students enrolled in the TechConnect pathway of study at their high school.  

    Businesses can connect with students and teachers through these programs:

    - CareerX, where a business hosts a 3-hour job shadow for a group of between 10 and 30 9th-grade students.

    - CareerCoach, where employees meet one-on-one with 10th-graders three times a month over the school year.

    - CareerCollaborate, where a business presents 11th-graders with a real-world problem from their business for the students to work on over the semester.

    - CareerLaunch, where businesses hire 11th- and 12th-grade students into 6-week internships.

    - Advisory Board Summits, where businesses work with teachers to bring the needs of industry into curriculum through project-based learning.

    Over 30 organizations have supported students in TechConnect since 2014 and have found the experience to be highly rewarding.