• Techtonic Academy arrives at The Commons on Champa!

    The Techtonic Academy has completed week one of a four-week apprenticeship training class, hosted in partnership with the Downtown Denver Partnership and Colorado Technology Association (CTA) at The Commons on Champa in Denver. Techtonic Group is providing opportunity to unemployed and under-employed individuals with an emphasis on increasing the opportunity for youth, women, people of color and veterans to enter the information technology workforce. The current class consists of 12 students with 75 percent of the students in the class falling into the targeted population.

    The four-week, instructor-led class will teach modern programming concepts, introduce students to the most common coding languages and develop the soft skills and career readiness training to work in a software development environment. Upon successful completion of the class, selected students will be admitted to the Techtonic Group’s paid six-month apprenticeship program, which gives them progressively complicated tasks.  Apprentices work alongside Techtonic Group’s software development team writing software for Techtonic Group clients. After approximately six months, successful apprentices are hired as Jr. Developers. Techtonic Group established a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) certified apprenticeship program to teach software skills while working on the job as a member of our software development team. Techtonic Group is currently the only IT Apprenticeship in the State of Colorado approved and certified by the DOL. Additionally, Techtonic Group was recently awarded Innovative Company of the Year by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

    Techtonic Academy was developed specifically to address the talent deficiency in software development.  Not only is this apprentice program beneficial to the Techtonic Group talent pipeline but to clients as well. The Techtonic Academy results in lower client fees and potential new team members for a client’s in-house development team. 

    For more information one the Techtonic Academy and Apprenticeship Program, hiring software development talent or if you have software development projects, please send an email to