• Colorado’s 2018-19 Budget Highlights Tech's Importance

    Colorado’s 2018-19 budget is making its way through the Legislature before it hits Gov. Hickenlooper’s desk, and within the allotted $28.9 billion are several tech-related priorities that highlight the importance of tech to our state’s economy. Funding is being set aside for priorities that can help our community build a robust talent pipeline, bring broadband to our rural towns and more.

    Unanticipated increases in revenue were discovered in March, including $250 million from the change in federal tax policy, so it’s unlikely that many of the priorities would be cut. Here are a few we’re monitoring at Colorado Technology Association, which we’ll follow up on as they are implemented:

    $1,000,000 – Provides incentive payments for school districts and charter schools to encourage high school students to complete qualified industry-recognized certificate programs, internships, pre-apprenticeship programs and advanced placement computer science courses as part of the Career Development Success Program. CTA has supported the program’s creation and expansion.

    $599,864 – Funds the Innovative Industry Internship Grand Program, which provides funding to businesses to help offset the cost of hiring an intern.

    $500,000 – Awards grants for teachers that will better equip them to instruct computer science.

    $414,335 – Continues the digitization of legislative audio, refreshes aging technology used for conversation and digitization, and implements a long-term electronic record plan to retain critical state records required to be kept in perpetuity.

    $250,000 – Reimburses local government staff and eligible personnel for cybersecurity training.

    $224,992 – Retains personnel in the State Broadband Office who are tasked with supporting endeavors related to increasing broadband availability across Colorado and the implementation of the FirstNet initiative to create a dedicated public safety broadband network.