• Highlights From CTA's 2018 Legislative Session Report

    The 2018 Colorado Legislative Session came to a close last month and it was another action-packed year for tech inside the state Capitol. I wanted to highlight CTA's 2018 legislative priorities, tech trends within policy and bills that CTA took positions on. For a more in-depth analysis, take a look at the full report.

    CTA 2018 Legislative Priorities

    • Increase computer science education quality and opportunity
    • Continue pushing to increase investment in tech apprenticeships and internships
    • Pursue full opportunity for market-based approach for taxes in Colorado
    • Continue investment in emerging tech resources
    • Expand affordable and reliable broadband to schools and communities through public-private partnerships

    Continued Work From Past Sessions

    Many of the bills CTA worked on in 2018 were continued from work in previous legislative sessions. A couple examples include:

    • In 2016, CTA supported HB16-1289, which establishes a program to allow school districts to receive a bonus for each high school student who earns an industry certification tied to an in-demand job, finishes a rigorous workplace training program tied to key industry needs or successfully completes an AP computer science course. This session, we supported extending this program with additional measures to ensure maximum equity among schools. 
    • In 2013, CTA supported HB13-1193 to create the Advanced Industry Export Accelerator Program that accelerated the ability of high-tech Colorado companies to export their products by providing small grants, as well as training and consultation services, to help them springboard into the global marketplace. This session, we worked to retain that program by securing its extension.

    Tech Trends

    We took a look at tech-related legislation over the past several years to get a better understanding of the trends around types of tech-related bills being introduced. An interesting finding is the steady increase of legislation focusing on emerging technology.

    CTA-Supported Legislation Recently Signed Into Law

    Since the end of the session on May 9, Gov. Hickenlooper has been busy signing bills into law. Several bills CTA supported have recently been signed, including:

    HB 1135 - Extending the Advanced Industry Export Acceleration Program 

    • Exporting grows business and Colorado tech companies have utilized the Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s Advanced Industry Export Program to expand into new markets and handle the challenges involved. HB 1135 continues access to this program through 2025 for Colorado businesses. Find out more

    HB 1266 - Extending the Career Development Success Pilot Program 

    • One of the key components to students succeeding and learning the critical skills needed in the 21st Century is providing the right incentives to encourage schools to teach those skills. HB 1266 extends the Career Development Success Program which provides a distribution of up to $1,000 to school districts and charter schools for each high school student who successfully completes an identified industry-certificate, internship, or pre-apprenticeship program or computer science advanced placement course. Find out more

    SB 86 - Cyber Coding Cryptology For State Records

    • Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of security and is doing so at a fast-moving pace. SB 86 keeps the state of Colorado up to speed with industry by allowing the state to consider utilizing such technologies to secure data across its agencies. Find out more

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