• Tech Policy Highlights from the National, State & Local Levels

    The last month has seen major moves on regulations and policies in the tech industry across national, state and local stages. Here are some key happenings that may have an impact on you or your business.

    U.S. Supreme Court Decides Sales Tax Case Involving Online Retailers

    In a June ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court decided states can levy sales taxes on purchases made through out-of-state online retailers. This case focused on a South Dakota law that requires retailers to collect sales taxes from customers based on their sales to state residents, regardless of whether they have a physical presence there. The Supreme Court’s ruling applies nationwide.

    Colorado legislators passed a law in 2010 requiring internet retailers selling a certain amount of goods in Colorado to inform the state of the amount they purchased and the amount those residents owe the state government in use taxes. The Supreme Court refused to hear a case involving this law in 2016, resulting in the legislation to take effect in 2017.

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    New California Data Privacy Legislation Signed

    Recently, California legislation was signed into law that would place increased data privacy restrictions on companies. Components of the legislation let users learn details about data that companies hold on them, ask companies to delete their data or opt out of collected data being sold to a third party and potentially if their data isn’t properly protected.

    Earlier this year, a Colorado data privacy bill was signed into law that takes effect September 1, 2018. Components of the law, HB 1128, require that Colorado businesses will have 30 days to inform customers if their private data has been compromised in a breach and requires companies and government agencies to develop policies ensuring unneeded records are destroyed and to implement and maintain adequate security measures against data breaches. The bill also requires that the Colorado Attorney General be notified if a breach affects at least 500 people.

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    City and County of Denver Creates Pilot Project for Electric Scooters

    Earlier this summer, residents of Denver started seeing electric scooters show up on sidewalks across the city. While those scooters were being utilized, the City and County of Denver did not sign off to their being placed on city sidewalks, and therefore all were removed pending city approval. However, Denver Public Works recently announced plans to test a one-year pilot permit program for dockless electric scooter companies with priorities for scooters to be set up in low-income neighborhoods and at bus stops and light rail stations.

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    These are a few recent highlights of changes in tech policies and regulations. Have any other issues that are top of mind For you? If so, let me know in the comments as we work to infor