• This Week in Tech Policy

    Denver City Council Working on New Electric Scooter Rules

    • This week, city officials presented new scooter rules to the Denver City Council’s Land Use and Transportation Committee. The Committee voted unanimously to advance the bill to the full council. The new rules state:
    1. Scooter riders must operate in a bike lane, but not any faster than 15 mph.
    2. If there’s no bike lane, you can scoot in the street, on the right side — if the speed limit is 30 mph or lower.
    3. If there’s no bike lane or the street is too speedy, hop on the sidewalk but keep the speed to 6 mph or less.


    New Colorado Online Retail Sales Tax Rules Deadline Extended

    • Colorado officials have extended the deadline for retailers to comply with rules that require sellers of online goods to remit taxes to the state and to the local jurisdictions in which the purchasers reside. The deadline is now May 31, 2019.


    FCC Decision Gives Wireless Carriers More Power to Block Messages

    • The FCC voted in favor of a ruling that treats text messaging as an information service under the law instead of as a telecommunications service.


    Microsoft Calls for Regulation of AI

    • Microsoft is calling for new legislation to govern artificial intelligence software for recognizing faces, advocating for human review and oversight of the technology in critical cases.


    Australian Encryption Legislation

    • Australia’s Parliament approved legislation that requires tech companies to hand over user data when requested by law enforcement, even if that means building a backdoor into their encryption. Critics have said that creating a backdoor has security implications worldwide because hackers and other countries might be able to take advantage of the weakened security.