• This Week in Tech Policy

    New Bills Introduced and Action Taken on Legislation in the 2019 Legislative Session

    • Since last week, the Colorado General Assembly has taken action on previously introduced tech-related legislation listed below. Throughout the legislative session you can see what bills CTA is monitoring through our CTA Legislative Tracker in the Member Only Content area accessed through your member portal.

    • New Bills
    • HB 1167: Remote Notaries Protect Privacy
      The bill authorizes notaries public to perform a notarial act on behalf of an individual who is not in the notary's physical presence, but only with respect to an electronic document.
    • SB 131: Exempt Certain Businesses from Destination Sourcing Rule
    • The bill specifies that the new destination sourcing rule (that requires retailers to collect sales tax based on where the tangible personal property or service will be delivered instead of based on the taxing jurisdiction in which the retailer is located) does not apply to any retailer with physical presence that has generated less than $100,000 in gross revenue from the sale of tangible personal property or services outside of the taxing jurisdiction where the retailer is located.

    • Recent Action
    • HB 1053: Computer Science Courses Offered in Schools
    • Postponed Indefinitely on 2/5

    Tech in the State of the Union Address

    • President Trump delivered the State of the Union address this week briefly mentioning some tech issues including a call for infrastructure legislation that includes "investments in the cutting-edge industries of the future.” Michael Kratsios, White House Deputy Chief Technology Officer, said those words reflect "Trump's commitment to American leadership in artificial intelligence, 5G wireless, quantum science, and advanced manufacturing." The president also mentioned IP stating, "We are now making it clear to China that after years of targeting our industries, and stealing our intellectual property, the theft of American jobs and wealth has come to an end,"
    • FCC Faced Questions from Court on Net Neutrality Repeal
      A federal appeals court last Friday asked pointed questions of the Federal Communication Commission in hearing a challenge to whether the Trump administration acted legally when it repealed rules governing internet providers in December 2017.