• This Week In Tech Policy

    Action Taken on Legislation in the 2019 Legislative Session

    • Since last week, the Colorado General Assembly has taken action on previously introduced tech-related legislation listed below. Throughout the legislative session you can see what bills CTA is monitoring through our CTA Legislative Tracker in the Member Only Content area accessed through your member portal.

    • Recent Action
    • HB 1008: Include Career and Technical Education in Building Excellent Schools Today Program
      Passed out of the Senate Education Committee on 2/13
    • SB 6: Electronic Sales and Use Tax Simplification System
      Passed out of the House Finance Committee on2/11
    • SB 23: Cryptocurrency Exemption Colorado Digital Token Act
      Passed out of the House Business and Labor Committee on 2/13
    • SB 78: Open Internet Customer Protections In Colorado
      Testimony heard in the Senate State Affairs Committee on 2/11 – laid over for amendments
    • SB 90: Peer-to-peer Motor Vehicle Sharing Program
      Waiting to be heard on Second Reading on the Senate Floor

    • President Trump Signs Executive Order on AI
    • President Trump Monday signed an executive order that calls on federal agencies to support the development of artificial intelligence, amid fears the U.S. could be falling behind China in the race to build the technology. The White House will draft a memo within the next six months providing high-level guidance to agencies about regulating the development and use of AI across a broad swath of industries.
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    • Senator Cory Gardner Working to Reintroduce AIRWAVES ACT
      Sen. Cory Gardner is working to reintroduce his AIRWAVES Act, a bill previously filed as S. 1682. The original legislation would have identified spectrum bands for unlicensed use, freed up mid-band airwaves and set aside funds from spectrum auctions for expanding rural broadband. Gardner is working with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) on a new version, he told reporters Monday night. Some of the initial elements of the bill have been "picked up by the FCC" while other issues like satellite "have been brought to our attention," Gardner said, adding that he wants lawmakers to get the legislation "right and to make sure this is something that can pass."