• This Week In Tech Policy

    Action Taken on Legislation in the 2019 Legislative Session

    • Since last week, the Colorado General Assembly has taken action on previously introduced tech-related legislation listed below. Throughout the legislative session you can see what bills CTA is monitoring through our CTA Legislative Tracker in the Member Only Content area accessed through your member portal.

    • Recent Action
    • SB 90: Peer-to-peer Motor Vehicle Sharing Program
      Introduced in the House – Assigned to the House Transportation Committee 2/27
    • SB 140: Income Gain on Transactions Using Virtual Currency
      Postponed Indefinitely in the Senate Finance Committee

    • US Senate Seeks Federal Data Regulation that Could Preempt Colorado Law
      Congress is considering legislation that would either mimic or preempt parts of a Colorado data privacy law that took effect in September. The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee listened to data privacy experts at the hearing to determine how to craft the legislation.