• This Week In Tech Policy

    Action Taken on Legislation in the 2019 Legislative Session

    • Since last week, the Colorado General Assembly has introduced new tech-related legislation listed below. Throughout the legislative session you can see what bills CTA is monitoring through our CTA Legislative Tracker in the Member Only Content area accessed through your member portal.

    • New Bills
      HB 1247: Study Agricultural Applications For Blockchain
      The bill directs the commissioner of agriculture to convene an advisory group to study the potential applications for blockchain technology in agricultural operations and to report to the general assembly in 2020 with its findings and recommendations for legislation, if any.

    • Recent Action
    • HB 1221: Regulation of Electric Scooters
    • Passed out of the House Transportation Committee on 3/19

    • SB 6: Electronic Sales and Use Tax Simplification System
    • Passed out of the Senate to the Governor’s desk on 3/19

    • SB 100: Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act
    • Passed out of the Senate to the Governor’s desk on 3/20

    • Gardner Sponsors Legislation to establish minimum security requirements for IoT devices purchased by government agencies
      A group of bipartisan Senators and House members recently introduced legislation that would establish security requirements around IoT devices purchased by government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services.
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    • Gardner Cosponsors legislation making Wi-Fi on school buses eligible for E-Rate reimbursement
      Senator Cory Gardner has cosponsored a bill to make it easier to put wireless internet on school buses in order to help students without broadband access at home get online to study, learn, and complete homework. The legislation would require the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) E-Rate Program to reimburse school districts that place Wi-Fi technology on school buses carrying students to school or school-related extracurricular activities. 
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    • FTC Wants Comment On Proposed Changes To Safeguards, Privacy Rules
    • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has requested comment on the proposed amendments of two rules that protect the privacy and security of customer data held by financial institutions (FIs). The proposed changes are related to the Safeguards Rule and the Privacy Rule under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The Safeguards Rule, which went into effect in 2003, requires FIs to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive information security program. The Privacy Rule, introduced in 2000, requires an FI to inform customers about its information-sharing practices, as well as enable customers to opt out of having their information shared.