• This Week In Tech Policy

    Action Taken on Legislation in the 2019 Legislative Session

    • Since last week, the Colorado General Assembly has introduced new bills and taken action on tech-related legislation listed below. Throughout the legislative session you can see what bills CTA is monitoring through our CTA Legislative Tracker in the Member Only Content area accessed through your member portal.

    • New Bills
    • HB 1277: Computer Science Grant Program
    • The bill creates in the department of education the computer science courses and clubs grant program to provide money to public schools or school districts in order to increase enrollment or participation of traditionally underrepresented students in computer science courses or clubs.
    • Recent Action
    • HB 1167: Remote Notaries Protect Privacy
    • Passed out of the House Appropriations Committee on 3/27

    • HB 1247: Study Agricultural Applications for Blockchain
    • Passed out of the House Rural Affairs & Agriculture Committee on 3/28

    • SB 78: Open Internet Customer Protections in Colorado
    • Passed the House on Second Reading on 4/3

    • SB 90: Peer-to-peer Motor Vehicle Sharing Program
    • Passed out of the House Transportation & Local Government Committee on 3/27


    • CTA Holds Tech Affairs Council March Meeting
      Last week, Colorado Technology Association's Tech Affairs Council convened for their regularly scheduled, bi-monthly meeting with guest speaker State Representative Brianna Titone.