• NexusTek Director of Project Management Publishes Coloring Outside the Lines: Integrating Project Management and Creativity

    Denver, CO (April 24, 2019) Although seeming contradictory, project management (PM) and creativity belong together. In Coloring Outside the Lines, an eBook on the benefits of bringing creativity to the project management workspace, NexusTek Director of Project Management, Ananya Ridenour, PMP, makes a strong case for integrating the freedom and flow of creativity with the procedural and rigid guidelines of project management.

    Coloring Outside the Lines, Ridenour’s second book, explores how combining the synergies and various aspects of project management and creative workflow, fosters greater success. NexusTek announced today the availability of Ridenour’s book on Amazon citing how the give-and-take approach is the foundation of an ever-improving process that allows us to deliver better outcomes for our customers.

    “In my experience at NexusTek, I’ve found that when employees have the freedom to provide input or ideas on different ways of accomplishing tasks, you open the door for innovation,” said Ridenour. “More importantly, adopting a collaborative culture provides your colleagues with the validation that their opinions matter and that you value what they bring to the table.”

    Project Management strives to achieve the goal that work is completed according to expectations while following a structured and rigid approach to ensure deliverables are on time. However, Ridenour cautions that project management is about structure, not rigidity. Although the goals remain the same, the trials and tribulations that happen during a given project should be creatively mitigated allowing the project management team to grow and provide better stability for future projects.

    “Structure, time management and meeting deadlines are all critical factors [for the project management team],” added Ridenour. “As a writer, I am naturally creative, and as a creative professional, planning and structure are critical to finishing my books. Conversely, today’s workplace needs project managers who embrace creativity, can think outside the box, and understand the difference between being structured and having complete control. Bringing both [structured and creative processes] together makes sense, and here at NexusTek our continued success to improve both professionally and personally has led to new and exciting opportunities that were not previously feasible.” 

    Coloring Outside the Lines: Integrating Project Management and Creativity is available on Amazon. To purchase a copy, please visit


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