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    Nobody needs any reminder that the pandemic has ratcheted up the pressure on IT to keep everything running smoothly in a very unfamiliar environment. As a Strategist for HPE, I’m out there in the field a lot working with companies in different industries, and I know that many of them are struggling right now to maintain high levels of service while also installing remote capabilities, new productivity platforms, and much more.

    It’s all coming at a time when budgets are tightening and many new technology investments have been put on the back burner. And it’s hitting IT organizations that were already hard-pressed to find the find the time and the know-how to leverage containers, analytics, hybrid cloud, and a long list of other technologies that are increasingly important in the competitive arena.

    Meeting all of these demands with a standard IT model puts a lot of strain on the department. But there’s a different approach that you might not have thought of. Or you may have considered it and dismissed it as impractical. It’s a managed services strategy. Specifically, it’s HPE GreenLake Management Services. And far from being complex or impractical, it’s a straightforward way to hugely reduce or entirely eliminate your operational burden and free up time and resources for innovation.

    HPE GreenLake Management Services is a suite of services that helps you manage, operate, and optimize your IT environments. We can tailor a solution to meet your unique requirements. In our agnostic approach to supporting technology, we can cover all of your environment – the entire data center – or part of it (such as your entire hyperconverged infrastructure, or specific layers, like storage). We often manage, along with HPE products, a wide range of multi-vendor products that make up the IT solution stack. We understand our customers use a mix of technologies to meet their outcomes, and while we may not make up the entirety of that technology, we also believe you will benefit from having a single vendor provide you services to manage your entire solution, and not just portions of it.

    I’ll get into the major benefits, including the cost savings, in just a moment, but first let’s take a step back and look at the as-a-service context.

    The next logical step in as-a-service

    The IT infrastructure market has been undergoing a major shift for a few years now: the swing towards IT as a Service. Just five or six years ago, market share for pay-as-you-go, consumption-based IT was pretty minimal. That’s changed in a big way, and it’s largely been driven by HPE GreenLake. Our pay-per-use, highly scalable platform centralizes operations across your entire IT estate, from the data center to the edge. HPE GreenLake solutions are managed for you by HPE.

    For many of our HPE GreenLake customers, the next thought is: Why not ask HPE to manage a larger swath of my IT estate? If I can deliver the same level of service (or better), the same business outcomes (or better), and simplify my operations at the same time, why wouldn’t I do that?

    It’s not only HPE GreenLake customers, of course, that are driving the growth in HPE GreenLake Management Services’ business (which has doubled in the past two years.) But it’s all part of the same general trend towards more streamlined, flexible, cloud-like IT delivery.

    Value to the tune of $1.8 million per year

    A recent study by IDC titled The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services shows why it’s a smart move. The companies studied by the analyst firm reported an average 35% gain in efficiency for their IT infrastructure teams. IDC explains: “They benefit from HPE assuming responsibility for carrying out certain tasks as well as best practices and advice. IT infrastructure efficiencies are not only most significant for monitoring (60%) and patching (49%) but also substantial for incident management (34%) and change management (26%)."

    Other gains reported in the IDC white paper include an average 85 percent reduction in unplanned downtime, and a 50% faster response to potential security breaches. One study participant noted that “partnering with HPE with GreenLake Management Services is helping our IT teams optimize expansion of our capabilities with additional monitoring, faster patching, and expert advice that is easily accessible when it’s needed, which helps reduce risk and allows us to spend more time on innovation.”

    IDC estimates the three-year ROI at 287%.The study even puts a dollar amount on the annual average value of the solution per organization: more than $1.8 million per year.

    3 core benefits

    With HPE GreenLake Management Services, you get:

    1. An integrated platform to ensure consistent delivery. We bring a huge toolset and HPE’s extensive IP to deliver a better operational experience and a single management plane, from core to cloud to edge.

    An important part of that is our Machine Learning and performance analytics capabilities. Up until just recently, the norm in IT was to try to do as much as you can, from a best practice perspective, to find any issues in the environment and then execute well to fix them. The problem with that is that when you're using native toolsets, or even industry-leading tool sets, there’s still a lot of manual effort that goes into interpreting the data and cutting out the noise so that you're truly focused on the things that are either broken or impacting performance.

    Our AI-based platform automates much of that effort. It provides insights into the assets and services that we're managing, and can resolve many issues long before they start to impact operations, and even before you’re aware of them. It improves root cause analysis, and provides continuous, dynamic, advanced analytics and visualizations.

    2. Expertise to take you to your operations to the next level. We bring a very deep technical bench, backed by our eight global support centers and our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices.

    It’s important to note that this expertise extends far beyond HPE gear and solutions. We take an agnostic approach to the technology. HPE GreenLake Management Services gives you a truly holistic solution, and we manage it for you end-to-end. When there’s a need to interface with other companies, we take the responsibility to do that, streamlining the path to resolution. You no longer have to call a bunch of different vendors to get a particular issue resolved.

    3. Rigorous processes to mitigate risk and optimize IT. We rigorously protect your environment, and we also help you to improve it. We use a standardized approach that enables us to provide advice on how to improve performance, scalability, and availability. We partner closely with you to provide insights across your entire IT landscape. Often, we can spot opportunities to free up operational capital and overhead almost immediately so you can achieve some quick savings.

    Winners in innovation

    Companies sometimes think that a managed services approach is too much of a departure from doing things the way they’ve always done them. If that describes your thinking up to now, this might be a good time to take another look. HPE has a long history of innovation in this sector, and we know how to implement a solution smoothly and efficiently, with careful attention to your specific goals to ensure the maximum benefit for your organization. We were recently recognized for our commitment to outstanding innovation, leadership, and excellence in the 2020 Star Awards, presented by the Technology & Services Industry Association, and named as Winner in the category of Innovation in Managed Services Strategic Adaptation.

    But nothing beats hearing it from customers themselves, so I’ll close with another quote from the IDC report I mentioned above. A respondent says: “We chose HPE because GreenLake Management Services is a full-service solution that helps us plan and grow. They are the experts in their field; we are the experts in ours.”

    Learn more about HPE GreenLake Management Services and how we can help you run IT more easily.

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