• ServiceNow CSM + Salesforce CRM: Better Together

    The Raptek Perspective on Enterprise Customer Service

    As a current ServiceNow partner, and former Salesforce partner, Rapid Technologies has a unique perspective on best practices for Enterprise Customer Service through experience with both solutions. A frequent conversation with our customers is whether a company that wants to have long-term positive engagements with their customers should choose Salesforce or ServiceNow.

    Do we purchase Customer Relationship Management or Customer Service Management? The answer, like with so many things involving relationships, is that there is no one answer. Both solutions provide value and they can work together to use their unique advantages to provide even more value.

    As we evaluate these solutions independently and interdependently, it’s important to understand that many of the CRM concepts could apply to other solutions besides Salesforce. As an example, SalesWon is a fantastic product which leverages the ServiceNow low code platform to deliver a CRM within a CSM platform. Full disclosure: Not only did we migrate from Salesforce Service Cloud to ServiceNow Customer Service Management internally, but we’re also using SalesWon for CRM.

    Below we will dive into Salesforce, and ServiceNow use cases and their collective opportunity. But keep in mind there are many ways to leverage these platforms for success.


    As a CRM solution, Salesforce provides value by tracking interactions with your customers, how effective marketing tactics like ad campaigns are and what opportunities may be the most valuable to follow up on. Salesforce helps you plan ahead to find customers and understand which customers may find valuable about your products and services.

    As a CSM solution, ServiceNow provides value by managing your service delivery to customers, by personalizing the service experience, automatically connecting departments to address the root cause of a reported concern and monitoring or even preempting customer problems. ServiceNow Customer Service Management helps customers to engage with your company in a positive, efficient and useful way.

    Here’s an example of how CRM and CSM systems can both focus on their best value to provide a whole, greater than the sum of their individual parts.

    Let's use a small business serving bank as an example:

    When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in full, Bank of Pluto recognized an opportunity to onboard many small businesses who require mobile check deposits as part of their new normal. Below we look at when to use each system individually and opportunities to leverage the two platforms together.

    Salesforce CRM

    Identifies and automates opportunities to drive new business

    Rodney is an Account Manager and aware of the need for better mobile banking to drive new small businesses to their bank. These small business leverage fee driven accounts and act as the backbone of the bank's cash finances. As a CRM, SF helps automate the sales cycle for potential clients and allows them to target specific high growth sectors.

    1. The Recent Acct News Tool helps bring in awareness of opportunities for prospective clients
    2. Campaign tools are effective for sales agents to automate distribution and reporting of targeted marketing efforts within specific geos.
    3. As Rodney onboards the high volume of new business SF CRM enables him to automate many sales tasks and to shift his energy to addressing customer needs
      1. Efficient New Client Onboarding
      2. Tracks actions with a customer making it easy for leadership to report on the effectiveness of the sales team
      3. Drives down cost of acquisition as Bankers can lower volume of manual touches during the sales cycle


    ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) - (Opportunity for help desk as well)

    As manager of Bank of Pluto’s customer service desk, Sasha uses Performance Analytics to track trends in customer issues. The latest report showed an uptrend in customer cases for mobile deposit issues.

    Looking over the newer cases, Sasha found a large number of these were customers trying mobile deposit for the first time and having problems taking an acceptable image (too dark, too close, too far, not steady enough). In response, Sasha:

    • Published a Knowledge base article with a video that walks the customer through the mobile deposit process and gives handy tips to taking an acceptable deposit photo.
    • Added a banner announcement to the bank website directing customers to their new video.
    • Configured Performance Analytics to track trends in agent time spent and customer satisfaction to monitor the results.


    Over the next few weeks, the Performance Analytics report showed agent time spent on mobile deposit issues decreasing and customer satisfaction increasing. Knowledge Base statistics showed the deposit photo FAQ article was engaging a majority of customers searching on keywords “mobile” and “deposit”. The Service Agent photo issue topic successfully identified customers describing mobile deposit photo errors and directed them to the deposit photo FAQ.

    Now when Sasha looked at the Performance Analytics report of cases by category however, there was an increase in a different issue - mobile deposit limits.


    These customers still had the Entry Small Business account, which had a cap on the number of mobile deposits per month.

    Salesforce and ServiceNow CSM Together - Addresses Customer Issues by UpSelling a New Business Opportunity

    Sasha reports the uptrending number of customers reaching their mobile deposit limits to Bank of Pluto’s sales and ops teams as an issue likely to increase over the next several months.

    Rodney determines this is another opportunity for customers to find more value in upgrading their account to the next business level and creates a new campaign to identify and contact those customers. Sales uses the Performance Analytics report as the basis for a new report which identifies customers depositing over 80% of their limit for three or more months in a row.

    This automated report helps Bank of Pluto focus their campaign on the customers most likely to see the best value in upgrading their accounts.

      • Rodney looks at well implemented toolsets such as SLA’s for reporting to help highlight new business opportunities resulting from proactive CSM.img-servicenow-csm-2
      • Computers do the busy work to determine the best time to bring people together.
      • These tools will pull the best opportunities for Sales to drive growth with existing customers at Bank of Pluto
      • Once leads or accounts are identified in SF either by importing that report or integrating directly with ServiceNow CSM, automations can be run to support and drive more productive sales activities.
        • A Campaign can be established as sales targets companies with high volumes of mobile deposits
        • Email Automation automates the increased volume of touches required to transition an acct to the next product tier
        • Auto population of Tasks can drive less swivel chairing for Bankers and Acct reps
        • This combination of tools allows for technology to manage the sales cycle for the rep and allows them to focus on the relationship with the client

    The Moral of the Story

    Both Salesforce and ServiceNow are the leading products in their respective lanes. They’ve invested millions of dollars in building out these platforms and both can have their place within an enterprise.

    As a trend we are seeing many customers leveraging ServiceNow as the platform for automation at their enterprise and Salesforce as the communication layer for sales. Within the dramatically shifting landscape of enterprise solutions it’s hard to justify when and where to use a specific tool, especially when many claim that they can solve all of your problems

    However, it is possible to create a full circle of engagement between Sales and Customer Service or Salesforce and ServiceNow, we just need to identify where each tool fits in your cycle. If you’re assessing the enterprise tool landscape at your organization, reach out to for guidance on best practices and the common themes we are seeing.