• High-tech car insurance firm launches in Colorado, and drivers’ phones will help determine their rates

    A new car insurance firm that launched in Colorado this week uses app-based technology to track customers’ driving and reward good behavior behind the wheel with discounted insurance rates.

    Noblr is based in San Francisco but chose Colorado as its first market. Its app uses sensors in a customer’s smartphone to measure four elements of driving that can contribute to accidents:

    • Smoothness, or how hard a driver turns and brakes
    • Focus, or whether a driver is texting behind the wheel
    • Road choice
    • Time of day when driving

    Lower risk driving generally results in lower-priced coverage, according to Noblr. Miles driven also contributes to the variable portion of a customer’s rate, which is made up of both fixed and variable amounts each month. Drivers who achieve good “scores” with the company can save 51 percent, a company news release said.