• New Colorado remote working incentives ‘a good start,’ says economic development director

    A new program aimed at creating remote working jobs in rural Colorado is “a good starting point,” said Logan County Economic Development Executive Director Trae Miller.

    Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) unveiled the Colorado’s Mutual Prosperity (COMP) Program, which adds incentives for employers to hire remote workers in eligibile rural areas of the state.

    “Colorado’s economy is the best in the nation and our economic prosperity shouldn’t be constrained by geography or resources,” said OEDIT Executive Director Betsy Markey. “COMP is designed to encourage economic growth throughout the state by connecting location-neutral jobs with all of Colorado.”

    The program is designed to encourage collaboration between key economic development stakeholders in Colorado’s urban and rural communities by expanding the benefits of large, urban job creation projects. The program uses existing economic development tools to incentivize employers to hire on-site employees in urban areas as well as remote employees in rural communities.