• What does it mean to be a “Smart City?”

    A “smart city” is one in which advanced technology is leveraged to strategically meet the needs of its citizens. It is an environment in which government and business come together to create solutions to current and future challenges using high level analysis and applying cutting-edge technological tools.

    The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance (CSCA), a first of its kind combination of government entities, private enterprise, and educational institutions, was formed in 2017 as an initiative of the Denver South Economic Development Partnership (DSEDP). It is now a separate entity, with its own newly installed executive director, Tyler Svitak, who came to CSCA from the Colorado Department of Transportation, where he most recently served in the position of Program Manager for Connected and Autonomous Technologies. CSCA remains very closely aligned with DSEDP where Jake Rishavy, VP of Innovation at DSEDP, serves on the CSCA executive committee.