• Boulder City Council to have study session on 5G tech

    Boulder City Council on Tuesday will have a lengthy study session on 5G technology.

    The study session was sparked by a matter in March, during which council approved a 10-year lease for Verizon Wireless antennas to be placed on the South Boulder Recreation Center. It added an amendment that Verizon could not make any changes to the facility, including the installation of 5G equipment, without approval by the city.

    After residents expressed concerns and council requested it, staff organized the study session to facilitate education about 5G.

    Staff selected five panelists: Edward Stafford, Boulder Public Works development review manager; Ken Fellman, Boulder legal representative on telecommunications issues; Kevin Gifford, scholar-in-residence in the University of Colorado’s Technology, Cybersecurity and Policy program; Andrew Boedigheimer-Thiessen, division chief at the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences; and Jonathan Samet, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz.

    At the urging of community members — who called the original panel “industry-biased” — and council last Tuesday, staff added Devra Davis, founder and president of Environmental Health Trust, and Grant Wilson, directing attorney of the Earth Law Center.