Dedicated to bringing smart regions to life.

This experience will bring together civic-minded leaders from enterprise, government, academia, research, impact investors, startups and nonprofits to dive deep into what it takes to create a state full of connected communities. This one-day, single-track event also will feature a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and smart city solutions. Together, we can create the ultimate citizen experience, one partnership at a time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

8 am – 7 pm

McNichols Civic Center Building

144 W Colfax Ave, Denver CO


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Who should attend the CO Smart Cities Symposium?

The CO Smart City Symposium brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to exchange ideas, network and learn.

Tech Company Professionals: Meet top smart city influencers and learn how your company can leverage these new smart city opportunities and capabilities within the public sector and beyond to create new business models and drive revenue.

Public Sector Leaders: Connect with cutting edge technology companies of all sizes leading the way in smart city development and learn from real innovative solutions being implemented across Colorado and beyond.

Residents: Find out what a smart city is beyond a marketing buzzword and explore how communities of the future will impact your quality of life from a diverse group of experts and change makers.

Academic and Research Leaders: Universities and research labs prepare students to innovate in a smart city and are positioned to create and test new ideas and technologies. Meet tech professionals and public sectors leaders who can benefit from this research and accelerate innovation.

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7:30 am  //  Tech Showcase, Breakfast + Networking

8:30 am  //  Welcome Remarks  –  Frannie Matthews, President & CEO, Colorado Technology Association


  • Exploring the New Economic Model

    The challenges communities are facing have no physical boundaries. Session I will explore the stakeholders who need to be at the table to accelerate smart city development and how you foster collaboration within and across regions.

  • Fast Tracking the Development of Smart Cities – Announcing the Next Phase in Statewide Collaboration

    Cities and regions throughout Colorado and across the world are individually experimenting with smart city technologies and solutions. The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance brings cities and regions across the state together to collaborate for the first time on sharing best practices and resolving challenges and leverages the strength of many stakeholders across the Colorado ecosystem to contribute to the development of Smart Cities.

    • Matthew Bailey, Smart Cities Global Practice Leader, Arrow Electronics; Co-founder, CO Smart Cities Alliance
    • Aiden Mitchell, VP of IoT Global Solutions, Arrow Electronics
  • Challenges facing our cities today–mobility, affordable housing, public health and public safety, resilience and sustainability–don’t respect jurisdictional boundaries and are too complex for any one city or company to solve on their own. Tackling these issues requires collaboration between the public, private, academic and research sectors; which is the impetus in forming the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance. Hear from founders and members of the Alliance to hear how Colorado is leading the nation in the formation of not just smart projects or even cities, but “smart regions.”

    • Moderated by Jake Rishavy, Denver South EDP, Colorado Smart Cities Alliance
    • Nolbert Chavez, University of Colorado Denver
    • Seth Hoffman, City of Lone Tree
    • Aleta Jeffress, City of Aurora
    • Julia Richman, City of Boulder
  • Building smart cities requires interdisciplinary, interagency and multi-jurisdictional coordination. It also requires smart public-private-partnerships, new business and procurement models and collaborative co-creation through applied research and innovation. Learn about active efforts related to pilot projects, non-traditional procurement, technology standards, planning blueprints, federal policies and funding or financing allocations that are accelerating the development of smart cities and regions across North America – creating better places to live, work and visit.

    • Moderated by Zack Huhn, Venture Smarter, IEEE Smart Cities Standards Committee
    • John Putnam, Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions Inc.

10:30 am  //  Break, Tech Showcase + Networking


  • Turning Big Data into Citizen Benefits

    How do we tackle the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s communities, including mobility, public health, public safety, infrastructure and limited environmental and economic resources? Session III will dive deep into these challenges and how the citizen will ultimately benefit.

    • Sean Herrington, Verizon Wireless
  • Innovation starts at the local level. Colorado is home to several living labs working to solve cities’ most challenging issues. Hear from two public-private partnerships that are streamlining and sharing data and insights and integrating technology to move their regions forward.

    • Moderated by Suma Nallapati, State of Colorado
    • Mariano Delle Donne, Adventos
    • John Jackson, City of Greenwood Village
    • Gabe Klein, CityFi
    • Steve Skadron, City of Aspen
  • These tech leaders will share how they are leading the way in smart city development and describe the impact they are having on the ultimate citizen experience – all in five minutes!

    • Mike Beevor, Technical Marketing Director, Pivot3

3:15 pm  //  Break, Tech Showcase + Networking


  • Empowering the Innovators of Tomorrow

    Session II will explore which challenges, technologies and business models are driving smart cities and how we ensure inclusion of all innovators and stakeholders.

  • The Innovation Corridor Technology and Investment Platform brings together premiere national labs, enterprise and capital partners to design and deploy game changing innovations and solutions to the world’s most difficult problems. This one-of-a-kind consortium includes federally funded research labs with some of the fastest and most energy efficient high performance computers in the world, a Fortune 150 corporate leader in global innovation and a premier private foundation and capital partner.

    • Moderated by Eric Drummond, Formativ
    • Richard Adams, NREL Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
  • This panel will explore the emerging technologies leading the way for connected communities and dive into the potential for tech in the business of smart cities, how smart cities can work with the public sector to move smart cities forward and the balance between privacy and progress.

    • Mike Beevor, Pivot3

12:20 pm  //  Lunch, Tech Showcase + Networking


  • Moving Ideas to Action

    What is the smart way to build a smart city? Leaders must consider what actions should be taken in order to achieve a short-term and long-term vision, and in Session IV we will hear from forward-thinking leaders paving the way for smarter, safer and more efficient communities.

  • Smart cities will need smart leaders and even smarter citizens. Hear from prominent local leaders at the head of the smart cities revolution.

  • Built Environmentalism: A Movement for our Urban Future

    Our planet is an AI that has a 3.8 billion year head start and a somewhat fool-proof experimental methodology for arriving at what works, long-term and sustainably. As we contemplate our urban future, we ignore the lessons of nature at peril. The promise of the Internet of Things — more specifically, the networked layer of awareness we’re building for our cities — may be exactly what we need to listen to what our cities are telling us more closely, to launch a Built Environmentalism movement.

    • John Tolva, CityFi, CO Smart Cities Alliance
    • Frannie Matthews, President & CEO, Colorado Technology Association

5:00 pm  //  Program End  –  Happy Hour, Tech Showcase + Networking

7:00 pm  //  Event End


Program and agenda are subject to change.


Keynote Highlight

Fast Tracking the Development of Smart Cities – Announcing the Next Phase in Statewide Collaboration

Cities and regions throughout Colorado and across the world are individually experimenting with smart city technologies and solutions. The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, to good effect, brings cities and regions across the state together to collaborate on sharing best practices and resolving challenges. Moreover, the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance leverages the strength of many stakeholders across the Colorado ecosystem to contribute to the development of Smart Cities, such as the private sector,  academia, federal research, the business community plus powerful stakeholders that have come to the table for the very first time to join forces with us in Colorado.

This resilient collaborative foundation enables the next evolutionary stage in Smart City leadership to fast track development of Smart Cities not only within the Colorado but also expedite Smart City development for cities and regions throughout North America and globally. Aiden Mitchell,  Matthew Bailey and John Tolva will be presenting and announcing a new initiative that will excite and empower all stakeholders leading Smart City and Regional initiatives – anywhere in the world! This talk is not to be missed!



matthew Bailey Photo UPDATED

Matthew Bailey
Smart Cities Global Practice Leader
Arrow Electronics
Co-Founder, Colorado Smart Cities Alliance

Matthew leads Arrow Electronics’ smart city practice, co-founded the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, is on the board of CompTIA’s North American Smart Cities Council and is an international public speaker. Matthew has received wide public recognition as a leading authority in Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities. He has been a catalyst for the IoT revolution in many international territories and was a 2015 Worldwide Technology Network award nominee.



SeanHarrington 2_photo

Sean Harrington
VP City Solutions
Verizon Wireless

Sean Harrington joined Verizon through the acquisition of Sensity Systems by Verizon in October 2016. Sean was the COO for Sensity, where he was responsible for the operational and strategic leadership of Sensity. Sean has led engineering, operations, sales and marketing, and business development at the company. He established the first strategic and partner relationships for Sensity, building an ecosystem for the newly created Light Sensory Network category. Sean spent the five years before joining Sensity in sales, marketing, and business development of high-growth clean tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aiden Mitchell Photo

Aiden Mitchell
VP of IoT Global Solutions
Arrow Electronics

Aiden is responsible for Arrow’s full-solution IoT stack, including sensors, embedded, connectivity, networks, data platforms within hybrid, private and public cloud, analytics and security. Aiden joined Arrow in 2011 and has more than 20 years of sales and general management experience in the technology sector. During his time at Arrow, Aiden has led the Intelligent Systems Business Unit, which centers on embedded processing, wireless and sensor products and was VP of Semiconductors running marketing, assets and operations for that business segment in the Americas region.


John Tolva

John Tolva
Founder, CityFi
Co-Founder, Colorado Smart Cities Alliance

John co-founded CityFi, an urban change management consultancy enabling smart, sustainable cities through innovative public-private partnerships, triple-bottom-line policy making and human-centric technology. John leads the nonprofit Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, a collaboration among Colorado municipalities, private sector companies and academia to develop, pilot and test solutions to urban challenges. John teaches a graduate course about the intersection of urban technology and policy at the School of Public Affairs for the University of Colorado.




blank 3

Richard Adams
NREL Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

Mariano Dello Donne _photo

Mariano Delle Donne


John Jackson photo

John Jackson
City Manager
City of Greenwood Village

Suma Nallapati hi res headshot 1

Suma Nallapati
CIO & Secretary of Technology
State of Colorado

Jake Rishavy_headshot

Jake Rishavy
VP of Innovation
Denver South EDP
Colorado Smart Cities Alliance

Mike B Final images Hi Res 2 of 4 1

Mike Beevor
Technical Marketing Director


Eric Drummond 1

Eric Drummond
President of Global Strategy


Aleta Jeffres _ 2018 Profile Pic

Aleta Jeffress
Chief Information Officer
City of Aurora

blank 3

John Putnam
Smart Cities Program Director
Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions Inc.

Nolbert Chavez 1

Nolbert Chavez
Chief of External Initiatives
UC Denver
Executive Director
CityCenter, UC Denver

Seth Hoffman 1

Seth Hoffman
City Manager
City of Lone Tree



Gabe Klein

Steve Skadron Photo

Steve Skadron
City of Aspen

blank 1


Zach Huhn Photo 1

Zach Huhn
Venture Smarter
IEEE Smart Cities Standards Committee


Frannie Matthews
President & CEO
Colorado Technology Association

Julia Richman

Julia Richman
Chief Innovation & Technology Officer
City of Boulder


More speakers to be announced


Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and Arrow Electronics are dedicated to bringing smart cities to life across Colorado. Founded in 2017, the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance seeks to build partnerships, pilot ideas and drive action across the state to better connect our communities and serve our citizens. Arrow Electronics, a founding partner of the Alliance, is leading the way in IoT and smart city technologies globally, and is intent on introducing the Arrow global network to the conversations happening across the state. As the leading technology nonprofit in the state, CTA is proud to showcase members who are changing the way we build cities, do business and connect.

The Tech Showcase will feature the latest tech innovation in smart cities with our showcase sponsors. Seeing is believing, after all.



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