• How Colorado's telecom companies are keeping people connected during the coronavirus outbreak

    Telecommunications companies are continuing to respond to the novel coronavirus crisis, updating and expanding their offerings to those who might need it most.

    Englewood-based Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) has offered some of its unused spectrum to T-Mobile, but is also lending spectrum to AT&T at no cost for 60 days.

    Dish entered a partnership agreement in 2019 with T-Mobile as part of T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint. But Dish has no such joint-asset agreement with AT&T. (In fact, AT&T owns Dish competitor, DirecTV.)

    "DISH is proud to join forces with AT&T to achieve a common, critical goal: supporting the connectivity needs of Americans during this challenging time," Jeff Blum, DISH senior vice president of public policy and government affairs, said in a prepared statement. "Enhancing our nation's wireless networks helps give Americans the bandwidth they need to work, learn, and check-in on loved ones, and is especially crucial for those customers without access to other sources of broadband."