• AAA announces 20% refund for Colorado drivers amid drop in travel

    AAA Colorado followed in the steps of other auto insurers on Tuesday by announcing a 20% refund on premiums due to the dramatic decrease in vehicle miles traveled during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    "As many Coloradans face financial hardship during these challenging times, we hope this refund can help provide a measure of relief at a time when our members may need it most,” said AAA spokesperson Skyler McKinley.

    StreetLight Data, which created a map of vehicle miles traveled using anonymized data from cell phones and other GPS-enabled devices, reports that mobility in Colorado is lower by approximately 50% to 70% compared to January of this year. In Boulder County, the drop is as high as 85%. Nationwide, the biggest decreases in driving occurred in the Northeast and on the West Coast, while the Midwest and Southeast maintained more typical driving behavior.