• Maxar announces multi-satellite GEO order

    WASHINGTON — Maxar Technologies said this week it has received a contract to build multiple geostationary communications satellites for an undisclosed customer. The announcement was made in tandem with an earnings report showing that the coronavirus pandemic roiling the global economy put a crimp in Maxar’s satellite manufacturing revenue even as its satellite imagery division saw sales rise. 

    Maxar said the satellite order, which industry analysts say is likely driven by a U.S. effort to clear satellite C-band spectrum to make way for 5G wireless networks, is a “multi-hundred million dollar contract.”

    “We’re not commenting on who the customer is or what the nature of the satellites are other than that they are GEO communications satellites, 1300 class, and of a type we’ve built before,” Maxar CEO Dan Jablonsky said during a May 11 call with analyst to discuss the Westminster, Colorado-based company’s financial results for the first three months of 2020.