• SurveyGizmo | This Boulder tech company's key to Covid-19 survival: Staying 'mission critical' for its customers

    Boulder-based SurveyGizmo was in the middle of exploring a rebrand when the coronavirus pandemic put everything on pause.

    The tech company, founded 12 years ago, started as a way to enable people to build surveys and capture information from a given audience. But over the last three years, the company has gotten increased engagement and much larger customers.

    “We’re much more than surveys and much more than a gizmo,” CEO David Roberts told Denver Business Journal. “Our name was helpful in the early years and it was light and playful. But it’s now holding us back with our biggest customers.”

    The company has expanded from collecting information to five areas of expertise. Information collection is still one of them, but SurveyGizmo’s software can also be used to build out workflow products. Additionally, it can be used for assembling an audience, communicating with customers and employees and for analyzing information.

    Roberts said that in February the company had a solid new business pipeline and momentum, but that all came to a halt with Covid-19. New business opportunities paused, with enterprise companies saying that they weren’t going away, but would call the company in three to four months.