• Helping Nonprofit Startups Change Their Communities Through Mobile Tech

    Come Join the Accelerator That Has Impacted The Lives of Over 4 Million Lives

    As the first all-digital wireless carrier in the US, we’re proud to lead a business that’s entrepreneurial at its core. Even before we launched a product, we launched the Visible Connect Accelerator Program to empower tech-forward nonprofits across the country.

    We are excited to announce that applications are now open for year two of Visible Connect. 

    Visible Connect is the only accelerator program in the country that focuses on bringing visibility to nonprofits that are using the power of mobile technology to tackle critical societal issues. We will continue to partner with Uncharted on this program, a 501(c)(3) organization that has helped social entrepreneurs raise $252 million, create impact in 96 countries, and benefit 37 million lives.

    To date, over 4 million lives have been meaningfully impacted by the nine nonprofits that took part in the inaugural accelerator. Our alumni include, Feeding Children Everywhere, IssueVoter, and Onward Financial, amongst others. 

    As a part of Visible Connect, each of the nonprofits will receive a financial grant, in addition to free mobile devices and service through Visible for one year. The accelerator program will also provide founders and executives of these cohorts with direct leadership coaching and mentorship, helping them grow and scale their organization. Furthermore, the program will offer the necessary support, tools, and network of experts needed to provide insight into technology, marketing, and infrastructure. 

    Applications will be open through May 26th. For additional information, and to apply, please visit us here.