• This Week In Tech Policy

    • The FCC's second auction of 5G spectrum officially ended Tuesday and generated just over $2 billion in bids. Bidders won 2,904 of the 2,909 licenses offered in the 24 GHz spectrum band, the agency said. These particular airwaves have been the subject of an internal Trump administration feud, with the Commerce Department warning about potential commercial 5G interference with weather forecasting operations. The FCC has not yet identified the winners of the auction.

    • Europe's privacy law celebrates first birthday
      It’s been one year since the European Union put in place its General Data Protection Regulation — the privacy law heard round the world. Despite the threat of fines of up to 4 percent of total yearly revenue, GDPR has in some ways cemented the dominance of the big tech companies. "Big fines and sweeping enforcement actions have been largely absent, as under-resourced European regulators struggle to define their mission — and take time to build investigations that will likely end up in court,"

    • CTA Holds Tech Affairs Council March Meeting
    • This week, Colorado Technology Association's Tech Affairs Council convened for their regularly scheduled, bi-monthly meeting with guest speaker State Senator Jack Tate.