• State of Colorado Looking for Comment on Proposed Agile Technology Services Vendor Pool

    What We’re Looking For

    To secure top talent for digital delivery teams, the state envisions using this vendor pool solicitation to establish a group of companies that can consistently meet the needs of these programs into the future. We are looking for partners who are native to modern software development practices, product management, and user experience design. This pool of vendors should have the diversity of experience and expertise to work with the variety of current tech stacks for each state program and to provide consistent high-quality work across the board that will help to mature the state’s use of technology.

    Draft RFP and RFI instructions for giving feedback:

    Vendors will be expected to embrace the principles of modern software development, and the application of those principles to the government context as embodied in documents like the U.S. Digital Service’s Digital Services Playbook. The state is committed to adopting modern software development practices that encompass user-centered research and design, modular procurement, product management, Agile delivery principles, and continuous integration and delivery of Development, Security, and Operations (DevSecOps).

    Vendors will be expected to collaborate with one another and OIT, along with OIT’s customer agencies, on the same product, give feedback to the state on its product and technology roadmaps, and contribute top talent to projects that make the best use of taxpayer dollars. A multi-vendor environment will help the state reduce risk by relying on a single vendor for each critical system it operates and reduces the risk for contractors by focusing work on smaller “task order” sized work components of systems.

    This solicitation will be successful if OIT and our customer agencies are able to quickly secure high-performing vendor resource teams for the delivery of small units of work delivered using an agile methodology. Rather than choosing single vendor-proprietary solutions and outsourcing the entirety of implementation and maintenance of those solutions, OIT wants to support product owners in identifying and prioritizing modular components of their technology needs and to use the pool to meet those needs.