• Colorado Companies Illuminated By The Sun

    Country music legend John Denver famously sang “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,” and I couldn’t agree more. I moved to Colorado for the sunshine. It nurtures the soul and stimulates growth. I like to think of it as liquid gold. I’m the Lumen general manager for the Colorado region and the sun is definitely shining here. Some of the most technology-forward businesses in the global economy are thriving here. These industries, such as aerospace engineering, manufacturing and healthcare, help drive the state’s growth.

    I tell my Lumen teams that we have an opportunity to elevate Colorado’s technology posture to be the gold standard. With nearly 11,000 technology companies, including some of the largest global players, the region is poised to be a major player in the next technology revolution. Colorado might come across as a very casual, laid back place, but we are a strong contender in tech advancements. We stand on the cusp of a very exciting time in the evolution of technology and how it impacts the future of business.

    Acquire, Analyze, Act On Data

    At the core of this evolution is data. How we gather it. How we use it. How we protect it. At Lumen, we call this the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it has huge implications on how we think about technology and where it can take us into the future.

    Our customers increasingly ask for help transforming and achieving their business objectives to meet the challenges of the future. They are already deeply invested in infrastructure. Now they are looking to modernize it from every perspective –– and it goes far beyond infrastructure. They already have access to the Lumen platform of adaptive networking, edge cloud, connected security and collaboration services. The question I ask them is, “How will you leverage that investment and evolve your business?”

    Sometimes, that takes some creativity. Not every problem can be solved by off-the-shelf technology or a simple network refresh. We have customers who constantly challenge us to think outside the box. These customers know that they can come to us with complex problems and our Lumen experts will work with them to come up with a truly tailored solution. SYNQ3, a Colorado Springs-based provider of restaurant automation, technology, and off-premises solutions is a perfect example. In the past year, they saw demand for their restaurant ordering and fulfillment platform soar because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked with them to stay ahead of that demand. This required some creative thinking about how they could support restaurants with new services. We helped them find solutions to challenges their entire industry had not seen before.

    Today, solutions often involve moving data and applications closer to the edge, reducing latency and making them more accessible to the end user. We see this happening more and more in asset-intensive and interaction-intensive industries such as manufacturing and healthcare where increasingly sophisticated devices and customer experience are driving advances in technology. Smart factories are transforming the manufacturing industry by streamlining production lines with smart sensors and automated processes. Forward-thinking healthcare providers are paving the way in terms of patient data and data connectedness by making it easily accessible to the entire healthcare team.

    Building On A Technology Foundation

    The Lumen platform can support all these goals and more. Our solutions have never been more accessible and flexible. As part of our own transformation, we have reimagined how we and our customers work together to build their success on top of that platform. It’s not just about the technology. At a very basic level, it’s about how we connect on a human level. At Lumen, we look to build deep connections with our customers, working together as partners to get your business where it needs to go. Often, that means going the extra mile to deliver the outcome you’re expecting.

    Sunshine, the liquid gold I soak up on the hillsides around my home, brought me to Colorado. The opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry to help shape the future and lead the technology revolution is what keeps me here. Liquid gold lets sunshine flow in many directions.

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