• Is the Hyperloop in the blueprint for Colorado's transportation future?

    More than 18 months after a Los Angeles-based company announced it was eyeing Colorado for its first Hyperloop system, there have been few signs that the proposal has progressed beyond a cutting-edge concept.

    Virgin Hyperloop One is among a handful of companies that have made pitches for transit networks that would send passenger-loaded pods zipping through low-pressure tubes at hundreds of miles per hour. Two other companies that sought support in the state for similar ventures, Loop Global and Arrivo, have folded.

    State transportation officials, who once lauded Hyperloop’s potential, now say there are no concrete plans to build such a system in Colorado.

    Under Gov. Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Transportation is embarking on a series of meetings to reassess transportation priorities across the state, with a focus on transit projects that can sustain growth better than widening highways. But it’s unclear if the emerging technology, which harnesses magnetic levitation and electric propulsion, will be a part of the state’s future transportation blueprints.